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Development Law, Policy and Advocacy - Advanced training course


On the 14th of January, the advanced training course on "Development Law, Policy and Advocacy" (DELPA), organized and directed by Prof. Gianluigi Palombella, will start.
The course will take place on Webex and will last until the 20th of February.

Interlegal Balancing


On the 9th of July, in the afternoon, the CIR team held webinar on 'Interlegal balancing'.

Inter-legality and the CJEU


On the 15th of June, from 3 to 5 pm, the CIR team hosted a webinar with Prof. Jan Klabbers (University of Helsinki), who analyzed the historical development of the CJEU jurisprudence from an inter-legality point of view.

Food safety and inter-legality


In this recent blog post, Edoardo Chiti (University of Tuscia) discusses the interaction between the regulatory regimes of the EU and the USA in the field of food regulation.