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Inter-Legality Working Papers

The Inter-legality Working Paper series is an end result of the research undertaken in the framework of the project. The Working Papers Series include contributions by both members of the project, as well as other scholars who participated in the Center’s events and activities.


  1. Milone, Sofia. ‘Transnational NeBis in Idem’ under the Perspective of Inter-legality. Uncovering Legal Reasons for its Recognition. December 2019.

  2. Scoditti, Enrico. Lo Scenario dell'inter-legalità. March 2020.

  3. Encinas, Gabriel. Interlegal balancing. March 2020.

  4. Feng, Wei. Hierarchy, Formal Principles, And A Non-Positivistic Constitutionalism: Reply To Gabriel Encinas’ Interlegal Balancing. September 2020.

  5. Encinas, Gabriel. Interlegal Balancing: Rejoinder to Wei Feng's Comments. September 2020.

  6. Zhunussova, Tleuzhan. Human Rights and the Environment before the IACtHR. November 2020.

  7. Priora, Giulia. Dall'aArmonizzazione all'Interlegalità: La tutela dell'utente finale nella disciplina europea del diritto d'autore. February 2021.

  8. Scarcello, Orlando. L'Interlegalità e la Cultura della Giustificazione. February 2021.

  9. Çapar, Gurkan. From Conflictual to Coordinated Interlegality: The Green New Deals within the global climate change complex. February 2021.

  10. Biber, Sümeyye E. & Hogic, Nedim. Inter-legality and Online States. February 2021.

  11. Parolari, Paola. L'interlegalità come metodo? La decisione giudiziale negli spazi giuridici ibridi. February 2021.

  12. Biber, Sümeyye E. Inter-legality and Surveillance Technologies Looking at the Demands of Justice beyond borders. February 2021.

  13. Encinas, Gabriel. Interlegality and Proportionality. February 2021.

  14. Palombella, Gianluigi & Scoditti, Enrico. L'interlegalità e la nuova ragion giuridica del diritto contemporaneo. February 2021.

  15. Milone, Sofia. Il conflitto tra norma incriminante e norma extra-penale straniera o sovranazionale: prove di ragionamento inter-legale per il giudice penale. February 2021.

  16. Bufalini, Alessandro. Pace e Giustizia Penale Internazionale nell'età dell'interlegalità. February 2021.

  17. Fiorinelli, Gaia. Ordinamenti Interconnessi: il contributo dell'interlegalità alla regolazione della rete. March 2021.

  18. Scarcello, Orlando. The Randstad case: Melki reloaded? The fundamental right to effective judicial protection as battleground for judicial supremacy in European Law. March 2021.

  19. Cozzi, Alessia-Ottavia. Interlegality, the Italian Constitutional Court and supranational fundamental rights: a discussion. September 2021.

  20. Gurkan, Capar. Global Regulatory Competition on Digital Rights and Data Protection: A Novel and Contractive Form of Eurocentrism?. April 2022.

  21. Ninatti, Stefania. The Charters Competition seen from Luxembourg. In the Shadows of the accession process. June 2022.

  22. Palombella, Gianluigi. On Fundamental Rights and Common Goals: at Home and Abroad. September 2022.

  23. Çapar, Gürkan. (Il)Legitimacy of International Intellectual Property Regime. April 2023.

  24. Çapar, Gürkan. The Paradox of Global Constitutionalism: Between Sectoral Integration and Legitimacy. April 2023.

  25. Palombella, Gianluigi. The quest for equilibrium: Democracy, International Law, and Metamodernism. October 2023.