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Italian Law Journal (7, N. 2, 2021), Symposium - ‘Interlegality: exploring its scope and rationale'

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The latest issue of the Italian Law Journal (7, N. 2, 2021) has come out with the publication of a Symposium on Interlegality. The Symposium, entitled ‘Interlegality: exploring its scope and rationale' includes six articles authored by CIR researchers:

Gianluigi Palombella, Interlegality: On Interconnections and ‘External’ Sources.

Alberto Di Martino, The Importance of Being a Case. Collapsing of the Law upon the Case in Interlegal Situations.

Edoardo Chiti, Administrative Inter-Legality. A Hypothesis.

Gürkan Çapar, From Conflictual to Coordinated Interlegality: The Green New Deals Within the Global Climate Change Regime.

Sümeyye Elif Biber, Inter-Legality and Surveillance Technologies.

Giulia Priora, The ‘Two Suns’ of EU Digital Copyright Law: Reconciling Rightholders’ and Users’ Interests via Interlegality.

Here is possible access to the issue in open access: