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Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Research Unit

The Sant'Anna Unit consists of Professors, Researchers and PhD Students in different subject areas: Gianluigi Palombella (Professor of Legal Philosophy and Applied Legal Theory, principal investigator of the project), Gaetana Morgante (Professor of Criminal Law), Alberto di Martino (Professor of Criminal Law), Giuseppe Di Vetta (Postdoctoral research fellow), Gürkan Çapar(PhD candidate), Gaia Fiorinelli (researcher), Michela Biscosi (PhD candidate), Filippo Venturi (Postdoctoral research fellow) and Guilherme Pratti (Postdoctoral research fellow).

Its main task is to coordinate the overall project providing a common theoretical framework to the different lines of research developed by the other groups. Working neither in isolation nor in the abstract, it adopts a reflexive equilibrium method, through incremental interactions with the other Units, testing theoretical tools through empirical data and vice versa.

Relying on the different research interests of its components, this Unit also analyses, from the perspective of inter-legality, a number of case studies characterized by the intersection among multiple legal regimes: corporate compliance, with special regards to anti-corruption strategies, the regulation of new technologies, transnational bis in idem as well as varieties of interconnection cases in the environmental field.